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Guitar Lessons with Justin S Davis

Available on Bainbridge Island or online

I teach regular weekly guitar lessons at the Island Music Guild on Bainbridge Island, and can also be reached for single, hour-long sessions online through Skype or Facetime.

I love teaching guitar lessons. It is fulfilling, joyful work I have done with success since starting teaching in 1999. Teaching guitar is a constant reminder that music is a gift. When a student reaches past a previous goal, writes a first song, or their eyes light up with a sudden new understanding, it makes everything feel new again for me too. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to teach and share with my students.

The focus of my teaching is on building connections with music, and fostering creativity. Technique and music theory, including sight-reading, are important components of my curriculum, but always as a means of learning to be a creative guitarist. Whatever repertoire a student chooses can be, and is, used in the lessons; but not simply so the student can play songs just like the record. Rather, once the student can perform the piece (anything from Bach to The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, from Taylor Swift to Muse and AC/DC), the songs get broken down into their elements so the student can learn to write and improvise; first in the styles of their favorite bands, and eventually with their own unique musical voice.

I am the author of The Guitar Player’s Notebook – Music Theory and Manuscript Paper for Creative Guitarists, and my musical training includes having earned a BA in Music from Central Washington University for classical guitar performance, studying Jazz guitar performance at Cornish College of the Arts, and Flamenco guitar with Miguel Serrano in Salamanca, Spain. But perhaps most importantly, I have learned by being out there, writing music and performing. It’s my real world experience that is often the biggest benefit to students who want to become professional musicians, or who just want to sound better when jamming with friends.

To schedule lessons, contact me.

The Guitar Player's Notebook

It’s finally here!

The Guitar Player’s Notebook — Music Theory and Manuscript Paper for Creative Guitarists

Available now at

A Crash course in music theory for the creative guitarist. Perfect for all guitar players, songwriters, and students. Featuring:

  • Guitar Notation Basics
  • Fundamentals of Standard Notation
  • Practical music theory — the concepts players really use
  • Visualization strategies to play any scale or chord
  • Bonus introduction to the Nashville number system

Includes over 100 pages of guitar specific manuscript paper, ideal for documenting guitar lessons. Everything a student needs in one place.

The guitar player’s notebook is a different kind of theory manual. this single volume provides guitarists with the vocabulary of standard notation, detailed breakdowns of intervals, scales, chords, and harmonic theory from the perspective of the working guitarist. If your ambition is to play with confidence, regardless of the situation, then a strong theory background is essential. This book contains the vital information guitar players regularly use in a concise and clear format.

The manuscript pages that make up the second half of this book are designed specifically to make it quick and easy to write guitar music. Teachers looking for a clean template to notate lessons, Students wanting a place to explore the benefits of written notation, songwriters needing a musical journal to keep and develop ideas will all find value in the unique manuscript paper design in the guitar player’s notebook.

The Guitar Player's Notebook: Blog

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I’ll be posting additions and deeper explanations of the concepts covered in the book at my new blog: The Guitar Player’s Notebook

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